Danafloat™ 262 mineral collector

Danafloat 262 is a water-insoluble collector of the thionocarbamate type.

Danafloat 262 has no frother action, and because of the waterinsolubility it is often added to the grinding circuit.
To increase the dispersion into the pulp Danafloat 262 can be added as an emulsion with a carrier liquid such as a frother.

Because of the high selectivity over pyrite, the main application of Danafloat 262 is in the flotation of copper
sulphides and Cu-activated sphalerite.

Danafloat 262 is a very powerful collector which can operate in the pH range of 4-12. It is a fast collector and produces moderate recovery in many applications.

Danafloat 262 is subject to overdosing and should be used in smaller quantities than xanthates. Many operators
prefer to use Danafloat 262 as a primary collector and xanthate as a scavenger collector.

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Chemical name: thionocarbamate
CAS name: Carbamothioic acid, ethyl-, O-(1-methyl ethyl) ester
Active ingredient: approx. 93-98% by weight

Physical properties
Appearance: Yellow to reddish brown
Form: Liquid (aqueous solution)
Boiling point: Approx. 217 degrees C
Melting/freezing point: –
Specific gravity: 0.98 g/ml
Flash point: Above 65 degrees C

Safety and handling

Danafloat flotation collectors are manufactured under carefully controlled conditions. However, to varying degrees they can be considered harmful and therefore before handling this product always carefully read and understand the MSDS for this product. On prolonged contact Danafloat 262 causes irritation to skin and mocous membranes.

Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses, natural rubber gloves and protective clothing. Additionally, avoid inhalation of vapours.


+ Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle “first in/first out”
+ Store in plastic drums or coated steel drums

Environmental impact

Danafloat 262 is biodegradable. The majority of the collector is tied up with the concentrate and is destroyed in the subsequent processing operations. The remainder is transferred to the tailings. Release into the water systems should be avoided.


Danafloat mineral collectors are supplied in tank containers or plastic drums. If preferred, Danafloat collectors may be supplied in coated steel drums.

Tank containers Net weight: approx. 20 mt
IBC containers Net weight: 1,000-1,075 kg
Gross weight: approx. 1,059-1,134 kg