Danafloat is since 2015 owned by FMC Corporation after FMC acquired the company Cheminova that originally established the Danafloat business.
Cheminova was established in Danmark in 1938 and the company became an important manufacturer of crop protection products, chemical intermediates, and flotation chemicals. Like Cheminova was, FMC is a leading global Agricultural Sciences company.

For Danafloat products we use the latest process technologies, process flowsheets and methods that maximize process control in producing the industry’s leading quality products and to effectively manage production costs, particularly our mining flotation reagent line. All our products are produced in ‘reactor trains’, which is a series of reaction vessels that are monitored and controlled by the latest computer technologies.

The continuous production processes, which are closely supervised by operators to maintain constant production flow and consistently high product quality, are state of the art. Well trained and competent personnel operate these plants. Operators must complete a full two-year training program before being allowed to independently operate the plant and FMC has very high safety standards and requirements which applies for all our activities across the world. The result: industry leading quality products that have the highest activity levels with minimum unreacted raw materials and reaction by-products versus competition.

Our production is based on utilization of bulk commodity raw materials. This reduces costs and increases supply independence to the benefit of our customers and business partners. We convert elemental phosphorus and sulphur intophosphorus pentasulfide and selected alcohols are then reacted with the phosphorus pentasulfideto provide the various phoshorodithioic acids and salt solution products.

A wide range of flotation dithiophosphate reagents are produced in acid and aqueous solution forms, the latter using sodium, potassium or ammonium hydroxide for neutralization. To ensure our products provide the best possible mineral processing circuit performance, we have developed dithiophosphate mixtures and mixtures of dithiophosphates with mercaptobenzothiazole and thionocarbamates that have been developed and tailored for the rigorous needs of the mining industry. Due to our process flexibility, products can be tailored to our customers’ process requirements. In addition to flotation reagent products, we also supply some frothers.